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“Take My Life and Let it Be.”

Thank you for continuing to pray for our coworkers in Ukraine. As you know, the political climate in Ukraine is making day-to-day life uncertain for many. Our team, however, continues to press on. They have just completed a new music video. It is one of a series they are preparing to share classic hymns with the people of their region. We think the video exemplifies a calm peace that can be found only in Jesus. You may not understand the words, but enjoy this arrangement of the classic hymn, “Take My Life and Let it Be.” Enjoy.

2 Responses to ““Take My Life and Let it Be.””

By slheeke - 6 May 2014 - Reply

I am reminded of Mark 4:35-41. Jesus calms the storm. He encourages us to choose faith and not fear. Praying for the Ukraine.

By Pat Bolles - 13 May 2014 - Reply

Beautiful and inspirational-thank you. I am praying for Ukraine.

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