Fully Convinced

Fully Convinced

Your support is transforming individual lives, sustaining marriages, and strengthening the Church in SE Asia.Timothy P. of GNPI-SE Asia shares this encouraging testimony:

A new believer writes, “An evangelist who uses GNPI resources came to our village and met with my husband. Then my husband wanted to accept Jesus Christ and be baptized. I was so upset and angry with him. I told him that if he chose to be baptized, we must divorce. My husband ignored what I said, and he explained to me that Jesus Christ is the true and living God. Last month his explanations touched my heart. Later he took me to the evangelist who taught me with the Christian media.

Finally I was fully convinced that Jesus Christ is the true God and Savior, so I chose to be baptized. Now I tell my friends about Jesus in the factory where I work.”

Thank you for helping people in SE Asia become fully convinced about the hope of Jesus.

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