A Wonderful Partnership

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A Wonderful Partnership

Mike Schrage, Executive Director

I met Dr. Micheal Curtice recently when I was speaking at Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB) in Moberly, Missouri.

There I learned that Dr. Curtice has been to Chennai, India, at least ten times! It was surprising to discover that our GNPI Nomad team leader, Timothy Jai Kumar, was a student of Dr. Curtice in several classes when he taught as a visiting professor.

I was excited to show the updated Nomad Production Kit to Dr. Curtice and his class. What a wonderful partnership God has once again put together by sending a faculty member from a regional Bible College multiple times to provide biblical training for a person of Timothy’s caliber.

Timothy was later trained by Project Nomad Coordinator Mark Allen and others from GNPI on how to use media as a specific method of outreach. The outcome is a strong Christian man who is mentoring others in India to accelerate global evangelism through media and technology with biblically based and culturally relevant media.

We believe nationals know best, and Timothy is another great example of someone who embodies that truth. Yet, it would not have happened without the partnership of men like Dr.  Curtice from CCCB, Mark Allen from GNPI, or without you!

Thanks for your partnership as a means to enable GNPI in sharing the Gospel with people throughout the world.


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