Report on Nicaragua

Report on Nicaragua

Mike Schrage

I hope you have enjoyed hearing more details about our recent meeting in Nicaragua from this week’s blogs: A Milestone Meeting and An Extraordinary Gathering.  Having the chance to dream with people from eight different countries was foundational to what we believe God will do in Latin America during the coming months. Our active production teams are in Mexico and Chile.


Tom Nutt, director of operations, said, “It was clear that we had a room full of leaders with enormous servant hearts.” One of our favorite quotes from the meeting was from International Consultant Bob Gurwell, “The meeting was not just a home run. It was a grand slam.”

Listen to Tom Nutt’s Report on Nicaragua in his own words. He created this summary video himself using a Nomad Production Kit.

Thank you for helping to make meetings like this a reality.

Some of the participants have already produced tutorials for the group.

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